Smarty Search and Rescue Dog Adverture Sixteen

Smarty, is going to be trained, to see if dogs can be taught to detect by their extra sensitive sense of smell, the twenty-first centuries disease of the civilized world, cancer. Which accounts for hundreds and thousands of lives each year. It seems there have been known cases of dogs taking an interest in certain types of cancer, namely prostrate cancer in men. This has been done with no formal teaching at all. It was not known why or how the dogs did this with no proper training, nothing was known about teaching methods at all. No guide lines available to follow or compare with. This would be ground breaking technology. Just imagine being able to treat an illness such as this. Before the irreversible damage has been caused to the body's cell structure. It could revolutionize the treatment as it is now known. Most cases are not discovered until in an advanced state. In fact most early diagnosis, were normally found while being treated in hospital for something completely different. They were easier to treat in most cases, not perhaps everyone, but in more rather than less. Apart from that the harsh treatments used to try and cure the various conditions medically now, could be much improved, and less harmful perhaps with early diagnosis. Leading ultimately to better quality life, and no doubt a longer one.
ISBN: 9781785107153
Type: Paperback
Pages: 143
Published: 21 April 2015
Price: $10.25

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