Poems Some happy, some sad, some to make you glad Book 5

This is the fifth book in the series Poems Some happy, some sad, some to make you glad. As you are aware from my other books I take a lot of inspiration from topics in the news. I often comment on the Internet as well, and trust my views do not cause too much upset. That's not meant to be my intention. I originally started writing purely as a solace, to take my mind away from my own personal worries, (see a Patient from Papworth,) into a place of relaxation and calm. And believe me when I say it worked, as it really did. Of course reading them through, for who knows how many times, I might add ones mind begins to wonder why start in the first place. Poetry is however primary for entertainment. If something beneficial can come from it, then that's a bonus. If a smile, or even laughter, or a chuckle results, then one can say that's the jackpot. Not exactly a Lotto one, but surely laughter is better than money, isn't it? (I had my fingers crossed when I said that Dragon, honest I did.) I hope if you do purchase this and others of my books, you will read them in the spirit they were intended. And that is to entertain, after all there is enough ill-feeling and nastiness in the world today, without my adding to it. So please bear in mind when you read what's printed here by Feedaread, it is not meant to harm you in any way. But just to cheer you up today. As least that's what there meant to do. In this new year Ii'm telling you. The sky is now oh so grey, so not a good start to New Year's Day. But I am at home, and here might stay. Just in case, it rains again today. What you ask, do I now do? I am listening to the news, don't you? Just in case a poem comes, as that's where from my inspiration flows. And if i'm ever in a fix, who know's there might be a book numbered six. Happy New Year everyone, hope you all can have some fun. One point single men beware, this is a leap year I do declare. If you girl-friend has a glint in her eye. Just remember I can-not lie, you might be hitched for life like I. And on that note, I'll say good-buy (I meant by Dragon, but buy is a good choice, well done Dragon, well done indeed.) Stanley The Mad Author.
ISBN: 9781786106681
Type: Paperback
Pages: 102
Published: 15 January 2016
Price: $10.25

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