The year is 2061 oil almost non existent, law and order breaking down, governments the world over collapsing.Transport almost ground to a halt. Rich countries became poor and poor ones, well death was a merciful release to starvation or disease. Militant units roamed England attacking innocent people. Until one day undercover agent Major John Jones RM who was searching for such units with orders to offer amnesty to those that would return to the Real Military, or use his license to kill, came across an injured dog. Not just any dog this was a Smart one of the future, a talking, computerised fighting machine, which he did not know when he rescued it. Soon he was to become entangled in rescuing the dogs owner herself a Real Military officer along with others captured when the convoy she was with got ambushed by the very militants he was seeking. Finding himself involved in their rescue Major Jones RM was shocked when he thought he was hearing the voice of his late wife. So began the adventure of a lifetime could one man and a dog really rescue so many women and children and what was their future to be like? And why was the major once more having to experience such romantic feelings, to this dust covered woman, he could hardly see.
ISBN: 9781784077990
Type: Paperback
Pages: 156
Published: 24 October 2014
Price: $11.95

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