BRIGANTIAN WHISPERS - Dark Tales of the North Country

Take a strange vision on the streets of York, a dark elemental force that doesn’t dig the Small Faces, and an old lady’s tale of the fastest two way flit ‘i Bradforth. Add a Templar’s curse in the suburbs of ‘70s Liverpool and the tale of a Yorkshire Soldier who took 40 years to come home. Then there's the strange little boy for whom Bonfire Night has a terrifying significance and the tragic tale of a York Streetsweeper who encounters a classic apparition. Finally,with two short novels, we encounter the ghostly guardian of treasure in Victorian Leeds, and the dark elusive caretaker of an ancient well by a secluded farmhouse in the Bowland Forest. Brigantian Whispers is an anthology of supernatural stories with a common denominator in that they all relate to Northern England. From the Mersey to Holderness; from Lancashire uplands to the snickelways of York, the past still works silently in the clamour of the present, the grey strand in the auburn fire of youth. So our tomorrows stand forewarned by the fading echoes and overtones of our yesterdays – the whispers of what we were.
ISBN: 9781788765114
Type: Paperback
Pages: 282
Published: 14 September 2018
Price: $12.95

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