EZEKIEL’S EYE. Jim Jarratt. A Sequel to Ezekiel’s Gate. Autumn 1979. Belston Bridge, Pennine West Yorkshire, and it’s bloody well raining again. A young man has woken up in the local hospital in a very perplexed state. In his pocket he has a police warrant card with his name on it, DCI Jack Maudlin, but it carries a picture of a very old man, who looks scarily like him. He has some money too, but the Queen looks like an old lady and the money’s plastic. Then he finds out he now lives with his dad in a council house and is signing on the dole. It’s like living your life over – but different. Autumn Cycle 4122. In Neopangaia it only rains when Meteo Tec. tell it to. But out on the Arcadian Surface at Trig 17. the systemised weather has become unstable, and white fiery trouble is brewing, along with a lot of locally decidedly unscheduled rainfall. For Doctor Sidi Laval, newly appointed Director of the Neopangaian Archaeological Faculty, This is only one of his concerns. There’s a lot of boffin talk about rogue geovascularity, temporal excursion/incursion, paradox and rabbit holes – But for Sidi, it only adds up to one thing- trouble. Then there are the portents – everyone feels that the wind is changing and something (or someone) is blowing in. Could it be Mary Poppins? Or is it Beginning to look a lot like Christmas……….? The Answer is blowing in the wind!
ISBN: 9781839451065
Type: Paperback
Pages: 546
Published: 6 December 2019
Price: $14.95

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