The Timple Canario is the coolest, sweetest little guitar in the world – in the Canary Islands that is! This ‘Gringo’s Guide’ to the instrument, the only one you’re ever likely to find in English, tells you everything you need to know about finding, housing, feeding, looking after and loving one of these delightfully brash, obscure and quirky little musical creatures, which are little known outside their native home. Jim Jarratt, songwriter, musician and grizzled ‘musical instrument slut’ discovered the Timple ten years ago, at which point he relegated most of his other instruments to the attic. It was love at first strum! A leap of faith and this joy could be yours also – with the help of this book. Viva El Camellito Sonoro!
ISBN: 9781788766043
Type: Paperback
Pages: 118
Published: 16 November 2018
Price: $10.25

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