SWEEPING UP THE STREET It’s 1990. After almost a decade of mixed fortunes, one time Countryside Warden Jim Franklin is still looking for a permanent job! His present employer has just placed him on a 4 day week, and now with a family to provide for, he is struggling to make ends meet. Lay off is looming around the corner, and after blowing the whistle about MSC schemes in the Guardian, he lives in fear of being ‘Restart’ed onto yet another temporary job creation scheme. It’s no use dreaming about art and life! Something’s gotta be found – now! A real job! In desperation he applies for the first feasible job he can find – A Street Orderly – which is about as low as you can get! But street cleaning is not what most people imagine it to be, least of all Jim, and what starts out as yet another ‘stop-gap’ job, ultimately turns out to be the kind of occupation he has long sought! On the mean streets of CalderVale, Jim finds not only litter, follies, foibles, and eccentricities, but also independence and fellowship in the realities he encounters – Sweeping up The Street!
ISBN: 9781803024288
Type: Paperback
Pages: 468
Published: 9 March 2022
Price: $14.45

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