Chasing Dark Rainbows

Some people saw Professor Griffon Wilder as a megalomaniac with a saviour complex. He had delusions of grandeur and an obsessive need to save humanity from itself his way. But unlike other Saviour-oriented people, Professor Wilder was not in it for praise, self-glory or personal ambition. He genuinely wanted to help save humanity. That was on good days when Wilder did not think humankind was a lost cause. For thirty years, the Professor had been a lone voice in the scientific wilderness, scoffed at and abused by the scientific establishment, who revered and worshipped Albert Einstein and his human extinction dictum. Badly treated and, even worse, ignored by the scientific community, Griffon Wilder, wholly demoralised, had to escape the peer review madness. So he left the GHO (Global Health Observatory), where he had worked as a consultant and disappeared. The world was rapidly becoming chaotic, and nobody was at the helm to steer humanity from global disaster. Both global warming and the cold war heating up threatened human existence. That was when the GHO went looking for Wilder and his antidote papers. As the seconds of the ‘doomsday clock’ ticked down to oblivion, Wilder seemed to be the world’s only hope. Then, other free-thinking scientists began seeing merit in Wilder’s ‘Creative Physics.’ In his absence, they began following him on Akademia, an online platform for scientists to share their ideas. But some wanted Wilder’s research, but not him. These mega-wealthy megalomaniacs saw the world as a fruit ripe for world domination. And using Wilder’s antidote ‘to soothe the savage beast would appease the masses, turning them into willing slaves. Wilder is determined to protect his precious antidote from abuse by other powerful, influential people with the means to run the world their way. Griffon had the motivation to put his plans to the test but needed more financial means to do so, leaving him in a vulnerable position. That was until Charlton Gates, a self-made billionaire, came onto the scene. She showed genuine interest in his creative physics and invited him to join with her and her other scientists at her chateau in France. Griffon was wary initially, but she won him over with a proposal he could not refuse. When he was ready, Charlton would provide the funding and expertise to release his antidote to the world. So, all was well. Or was it?’ Griffon had no idea what Charlton Gates had in store for him.
ISBN: 9781835971093
Type: Paperback
Pages: 452
Published: 27 March 2024
Price: $16.30

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