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The moment Climate change became a big political hot potato was not known. But somewhere along the way, Professor Eduardo Murray, an environmental scientist, came into the picture, with his controversial book ''The Energy Revolution''. Davion Hawe a former Green peace activist, now a Green Party representative in the Queensland Parliament, loved snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. But now the beautiful coral colours had faded to ghostly white as back-to-back bleaching events left vast areas of the reef a corpse. Skippy, as his friends called him, was brought up in the Western suburbs of Sydney and had never fired any gun before joining the army, where, as an army sniper, he turned out to be an incredible shot. But he had no idea where that would lead him. Ossie McCarthy, like many Queensland graziers, lost over half of his annual income from the station due to the severe drought that had been going on for over seven hard years. Now the Queensland government was giving Inada a free water licence it was time for radical action. Campbell Rendall, an Indigenous Land Rights lawyer, who was busy building a case against Inada for the Kimala and Jinnamoora people received an odd phone call from a Zambian migrant who claimed to have damning evidence against the Inada mine.' And that was just the beginning as the plot unfolds. Inada, with Queensland Government support, plans to build a controversial mega coal mine in Central Queensland. Jericho Basin grazier, Ossie McCarthy, lost over half of his annual income due to seven year drought. Now the Queensland government is giving Inada a free water licence it it time for radical action. And that is just the beginning as the plot unfolds.
ISBN: 9781788769488
Type: Paperback
Pages: 360
Published: 26 July 2019
Price: $12.95

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