Entropicus 2

Abbott Gallagher and Hassan Shamsi are on a quest to find the 'Key to Atlantis' and come across many obstacles as they trek across North Africa. Diablo Sonata, the Diabolus Mage leaves death and destruction in his wake wherever he goes, especially in Jerusalem. Dayton Lynsey is on Sonata's trail but Diablo the dark Alchemist remains several steps ahead. Colonel Lynch and Dr Dorian Gibson, who control the Atlantis Stargate discover a dominant sect, ' Singularians' have taken over the mysterious Island and their leader Mendes Amwon had become the dictator. Lynch takes a marine patrol through the Stargate to find out what has befallen the island community. After many battles, The Marines defeat the Sigularians but Mendes Amwon, now the new Mage of Diabolus, escapes through a portal with data showing how to make a black hole. Elijah Brooks becomes the CEO of Neurotech and puts a plot into action to control the world's robots and other forms of AI to bring about deliberate chaos to prepare the path for the Globalist Elite to take over. Robot Rights threaten Helen Cleaver, head of ATL, so the Anti Transhumanist League decide to relocate to Canada where they will have more freedom to carry on their work. Abbott and Helen are reunited, and he drives her to Canada. But they are stopped at the border, and that's when their dream turns into a nightmare.
ISBN: 9781788761338
Type: Paperback
Pages: 592
Published: 22 November 2017
Price: $14.95

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