Stealth Book 3

What did Chynna Zheng, a Virologist at the Wuhan Virology Institute, discover about bio-weapons manufactured at Fort Detrick? Why did Aldous and meet with Wycliffe O'Byrne, who worked for World Enterprises? What did Arturo Bruno, the leader of M-Power show FBI Agent Katrina Weber that Suggested a conspiracy of mammoth proportions? Why was HariSun, one of the mysterious “Watchers”, want to interfere with the plans for Earth 5? Why did the murdered CEO of PakFoods leave all his shares to Paul Shaughnessy?’ Why did Jesse Devenport met Peter Harris, a retired private investigator who was looking into CIA mind control techniques?’ And why was he interested in PanKosmia, an organisation so secret that other secret societies were unaware of its existence? What did Professor Chynna Zheng discover that led her to believe mistakes had had been made in the original diagnosis? Why did Monty DeVere let Lara Balabanov stay at his place while he was away in Patagonia helping his friend Arturo? Why did Arturo meet with Cooper, an experienced undercover agent who worked for the CIA?’ And why did they have to make a quick getaway before the Neo-Nazis caught up with them? Only the inner PanKosmian core, called Mj12 or the Majestic 12, new the answers to all these questions. And they controlled the world from behind the scenes. Having caused fear, confusion and anger with their Covid rules, the inner sanctum puts into place the final parts of their world domination plan.
ISBN: 9781803021584
Type: Paperback
Pages: 496
Published: 10 September 2021
Price: $14.45

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