The world is collapsing in entropic chaos.Dominant forces destroy nations to control the gold, oil and drugs. Corruption in politics is rampant. Martial Law is imminent and artificial intelligence is poised to take over. However, the worst threat of all comes from Diabolus, an ancient Sect dedicated to death and destruction. They believe all universal life must perish, so they speed up the process with acts of extreme terrorism. Diablo Sonata, the current Mage uses the ancient art of alchemy to bring about maximum chaos and destruction.Only the secret Soter Group know about this Sect, and they carry out clandestine operations to stop the destroyers carrying out their destructive plans. One of its members, Hassan Shamsi, a powerful alchemist teams up with the journalist, Abbott Gallagher in a quest to find the 'Key to Atlantis' to put the world to rights. But the diabolical forces will go to any lengths to stop them.
ISBN: 9781786978585
Type: Paperback
Pages: 474
Price: $14.45

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