Dear Editor: Freelance Writing CV 2009 - 2015

This is a selection of my published freelance writing. It is intended to be a compact and handy vehicle to promote my work and to interest media contacts. I am grateful to editors, commissioning editors and features editors for their help and support in my published writing career, so far. The collection includes book, radio, television, film and theatre reviews, as well as a variety of features. I have written and will continue to write about my home town Belfast (nostalgia, celebrity and personal pieces). My work has been published in the Belfast Telegraph, News Letter and Irish News. I have written many book, radio, theatre and film reviews for Tribune magazine. I have contributed to a BBC N Ireland TV documentary Stephen Boyd: The Man Who Never Was and written a biography of the film star, Stephen Boyd: From Belfast To Hollywood. I have published humorous and serious poetry in several online and print magazines. I write about the human condition and, when riled, coherent, humorous rants about the frustrations and irritations of modern life. (My book Beware of the Bull illustrates some of these annoyances). I have columns and columns of entertaining and thought-provoking ideas in my head. I write to order and can turn round 1,000-word articles in hours. Editors, I can be your write-hand man. Freelance commissions/invitations to or 07595 660085
ISBN: 9781786107381
Type: Paperback
Pages: 182
Published: 10 February 2016
Price: $11.95

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