Juggling Jelly

Some of the poems in this book are funny, some are silly, some are funny and silly....... This is a kind of “pick ‘n’ mix” selection to amuse in a world that cannot have enough smiles. The collection is for kids of all ages and I hope it works for you. CONTENTS: JELLY ZONE: Jelly Science/Clever Jelly/ Jelly Juggling Joe/Juggling Jelly/Chivers Jelly/Jelly, Jelly Everywhere/ Smelly Kelly Who Liked His Jelly/Shake, Rattle & Roll/Jamming/Jelly Twang/Jellyfish Fracas/Jelly Ship/Jelly On The Telly - JELLY-FREE ZONE: Cheesed Off/World Of Funny Noises/Drum Burst/Eyes Tested/Dreaming I’m Poet Laureate/Traction Man/Win Or Loos/Arriverderci Aroma/Nappy Days/Phone Alone/Nostril Damn Us/That’s The Spirit/Alien Wish (Fizzlepuff)/True Grit/Hey You!/Nervous Astronaut/Little Lamb/Muffet Fluffed It/Harrowing Experience/Pollywood/ Rainbow Warriors/God’s Gift/Clumsy/Leonardo Di Flatcaprio/Clocked/Diagnosis Lost/Best Boy/Dizzy Spinster/My Dog Ate My Homework/Frankly/Mind The Gap/Sweat/Abandon The Keyboard/Caw/Full Stop/Global Census/Settee/Roger Moore’s Trousers/The Cameron Daughter Incident/Sluggish/Silent Poem/Three Days/Monster In The Cupboard/Happy Days/Oscar Tame/ Chippy/Bath Water/Trapeze/Sharp/Vampire/TV/On The Font Foot/Runner-Up/End Of A Beastly Week/Naked Truth/There’s Smiles In Similes/Purrfect/Well, That’s It For Now
ISBN: 9781782994312
Type: Paperback
Pages: 98
Published: 18 May 2013
Price: $9.29

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