Hamish Sheaney: The Nearly-Man of Irish Literature

Hamish Sheaney, poet, thinker, figment...... He may not exist, so it might have been necessary to invent him. Hamish Sheaney might be Joe Cushnan or Joe Cushnan might be Hamish Sheaney. They are never seen in the same rooms together, but more often than not they are in the same rooms. Shirt collar, shoe size, dental records and preference for Mini Cheddars are purely coincidental. Here is the profile of literature's nearly-man, his wit, wisdom and poetry for all to enjoy and endure in equal measure. Joe Cushnan is the author of Retail Confidential, an offbeat look at shops, shoppers and shopping, and a freelance writer/media contributor. www.droppedthemoon.blogspot.co.uk
ISBN: 9781781769461
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 16 November 2012
Price: $9.29

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