Holly & Rebekah

The Story of a Genetically-Enhanced Family Living in the ‘Normal’ Human World - Grittier sequel to Postcards, Holly and Rebekah brings these two Hodrin-enhanced cousins together for Holly’s parents’ wedding. The Hodrin enhancements have augmented Holly’s rather impulsive, libido-driven personality, whereas younger Rebekah is quiet and more considered. After discovering they can share their thoughts telepathically over modest distances, Holly is kidnapped and Rebekah gets involved in the attempt to rescue her. Holly and Rebekah is a mostly light-hearted science fiction family drama with betrayal and coming-of-age themes, set in the Waikato and Auckland regions of New Zealand. Holly and Rebekah reintroduces the Daniels family characters, so can be read as an independent story to Postcards.
ISBN: 9781788769990
Type: Paperback
Pages: 214
Published: 12 September 2019
Price: $12.65

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