Winner, YouWriteOn Book of the Year 2014. To truly enslave a people, distract them first with toys. Humanix Corporation, directed by a network of artificial intelligences, leads the expansion of the human species across the galaxy. Over a hundred years ago, Humanix evicted from Earth a group of visiting aliens. No-one seems to remember or care about this except Jagbar who yearns to meet this Hodrin species. Aktar lives on a designer planet where the males of his second generation are geographically segregated from the females and all of them barred from contact with the first generation. Life consists largely of sex parties with sexmots (human-form sex robots). Only Aktar seems to wonder why no-one has had children for forty years. Nisha sets out from Earth for a sector of the galaxy fully controlled by Humanix, to model for a new line of sexmot and to spy on Humanix for the Democratic Action Movement which aims to restore political and economic power to actual humans. A compelling vision of the future of humanity and the artificial intelligences we will share it with, Innocents is an erotic, comic, belatedly-coming-of-age science fiction adventure. Warning: contains graphic sex scenes, romance, adventure and no violence.
ISBN: 9781786971876
Type: Paperback
Pages: 448
Published: 26 July 2016
Price: $14.45

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