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The Story of a Genetically-Enhanced Family Living in the ‘Normal’ Human World - Grittier sequel to Postcards, Holly and Rebekah brings these two Hodrin-enhanced cousins together for Holly’s parents’ wedding. The Hodrin enhancements have augmented Holly’s ....
ISBN: 9781788769990
Published: 12 September 2019
Winner, YouWriteOn Book of the Year 2014. To truly enslave a people, distract them first with toys. Humanix Corporation, directed by a network of artificial intelligences, leads the expansion of the human species across the galaxy. Over a hundred years ag....
ISBN: 9781786971876
Published: 26 July 2016
Staid and constrained widower at twenty-six, Adam Peters thinks he knew his wife, Tracy. He thinks he knows her family, their friends, their world, himself. Then he begins receiving postcards from Julie, an old friend of Tracy she never told him about fro....
ISBN: 9781781768815
Published: 26 July 2022
A network of Artificial Intelligences governs the small part of the galaxy inhabited by humans, having determined that humans had been doing such a terrible job of governing themselves. Some groups of people don't feel happy about this. The Game in Sector....
ISBN: 9781788764346
Published: 20 July 2023
From a transmission received on Earth in 1968 but only decoded in 2011, Where-Stand-All is the translation into Human language of Hegma Heghena’s academic yet epic, intimate and dramatic early history of the Hodrin species on their home planet, Where-Stan....
ISBN: 9781781763001
Published: 25 September 2020
Where-Stand-All is Hegma Heghena's intimate and epic history of early Hodrin civilization, translated into English by Farrold Saxon. So compelling is this narrative, you may forget you are human and come to think and feel like a Hodrin, sharing their adve....
ISBN: 978178176xx2x
Published: 20 December 2012