The Game in Sector 218

By A H Fry
A network of Artificial Intelligences governs the small part of the galaxy inhabited by humans, having determined that humans had been doing such a terrible job of governing themselves. Some groups of people don't feel happy about this. The Game in Sector 218 opens on a sparsely populated, isolated planet where the second generation inhabit a large continent and have every indulgence - including realistic sex robots with augmented genitalia for the greater pleasure of their owners. The only restriction is that the males and the females of this world have no direct contact, living in segregated zones. Until, that is, one of them initiates The Game. Expect wonderfully relatable characters, laughs, tears, titillation, political intrigue and lots of mind-bending of perceptions and values. And, of course, the future of humanity depends on the outcome of The Game in Sector 218. Ultimately about the quest for confident emotional and sexual intimacy, family and community connection, The Game in Sector 218 is a blend of galactic political drama, futuristic sex comedy and deep and meaningful existentialist, humanist and intimate, romantic and coming-of-age themes. It's for the delight of philosophically-minded sex-positive men and women of all ages. Bring a towel - not so much to flag down passing spaceships but more to wipe up afterwards.
ISBN: 9781788764346
Type: Paperback
Pages: 502
Published: 20 July 2023
Price: $13.22

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