From a transmission received on Earth in 1968 but only decoded in 2011, Where-Stand-All is the translation into Human language of Hegma Heghena’s academic yet epic, intimate and dramatic early history of the Hodrin species on their home planet, Where-Stand-All. The original, Hodrin, narrative is purported to be over half a million years old. At first alien, you will soon find yourself living out each compelling chapter through Hodrin eyes, in Hodrin skin, and likely reflecting on parallels and differences with our own human ways and history. Physically hard to distinguish, Hodrin females are gifted with the facilities of speech and rational and experimental-creative thinking: Hodrin males, very differently, with mind-joining and effortless foreseeing of what will come, without the female understanding of how things can be brought into being through effort. How the female mind works is a mystery to the males, and the male mind to the females. Where-Stand-All is often the story of those leading females who made links with male society, and those males who made links with female society, thus propelling their civilization forward. It is also the story of stress when one society did not take account of the other. Hodrin offspring are independent at five days. Young Hodrin bond through play and mix with one-another, apart from adults. Hodrin adult communities bond through the female mating frenzy, marking the female coming-of-age. By recounting the stories of those individual Hodrin prominent in their early history, Where-Stand-All follows the development of various strands of Hodrin settlement on their home world, from their lives as tree and cave-dwellers, right through to their era of interstellar exploration.
ISBN: 9781781763001
Type: Paperback
Pages: 502
Published: 25 September 2020
Price: $14.95

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