Where-Stand-All is Hegma Heghena's intimate and epic history of early Hodrin civilization, translated into English by Farrold Saxon. So compelling is this narrative, you may forget you are human and come to think and feel like a Hodrin, sharing their adventures, their conflicts, their humour, their lusts and ambitions. Hodrin females are gifted with the facilities of speech and rational thinking: Hodrin males, very differently, with mind-joining and foreseeing. Hodrin offspring are independent at five days, so Hodrin have only a loose concept of family or responsibility for caring for their young. A critical element in the bonding of Hodrin as a community is the mating frenzy, marking the female coming-of-age. Some will think Where-Stand-All is a work of fiction, a dramatised allegory of human society,challenging us to look at our cultural precepts around attachment, sexism, racism, religion, education, our money systems, environmental and population management. In fact, it is non-fiction. The Hodrin have viewed themselves as guardians of the galaxy for millions of years and they will be visiting Earth soon. Read Where-Stand-All and be prepared.
ISBN: 978178176XX2X
Type: Paperback
Pages: 422
Published: 20 December 2012
Price: $17.44

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