Postcards is a light yet multi-layered romance mystery page-turner about Adam Peters finding out the people and the world he knows aren't quite what he thought they were. Breaking out of numbing grief, he dramatically rediscovers life, love, lust and much more. Constrained widower at twenty-six, Adam thinks he knew his wife, Tracy. He thinks he knows her family, their friends, their world, himself. Then he begins receiving postcards from Julie, an old friend of Tracy she never told him about from a phase in her life she never told him about. As he learns more about Tracy’s old life through Julie, Adam bursts into new life himself. Of course, Libby and Yvette have quite a bit to do with it too. Postcards is a light, but mature, suspenseful yet heartwarming and insightful story - a delightful gift for the reader of contemporary romance and family drama. Since March 2012, Postcards has been the top listed novel from all entries since 2006, in the predictive best-seller chart on UK-based website,, in the Chicklit category. It is also placed highly in the Romance and Mystery categories.
ISBN: 9781781768815
Type: Paperback
Pages: 198
Published: 1 November 2012
Price: $11.95

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