Rex is a product of the low end of British working class people, who struggle to cope with a world in which hard work no longer guarantees a job. He is born into a family who never wanted him, and a father who has chosen to live on state benefits, finds solace in alcohol, and blames all his troubles on his younger son, beating him savagely every day of his life. This is the story of the boy’s lonely struggle to survive in a world which likes winners, and where wealth is king. He fights back against the poor hand that life has dealt him, and uses all his attributes to turn around his luck. He unwittingly becomes the nemesis of an Albanian psychotic, whose mind has been affected by horrors of the war he experienced in the break up of the former republic of Yugoslavia. Rex finds the love of his life with a woman who proves she will stand by his side in the face of any adversity, and he receives help and friendship from a source he never would have believed possible. The young man grows up with a strong determination to help any young person he encounters, who suffers the same pain that he had to endure. Warning! This book contains some strong language and explicit descriptions of sex; it was written for adults.
ISBN: 9781785102929
Type: Paperback
Pages: 364
Published: 18 November 2014
Price: $12.95