The Pure Magic of True Love

This is a story of love, pure unadulterated love, unsullied by wealth or power, of love between two people who came to understand what a rare gift had been bestowed upon them, a gift which only few people are destined to enjoy. A love born from a physical attraction for each other, due to a chemical mix of emotions and passion derived from a formula known only to our maker. It is a love which withstood jealousy and envy from people witnessing something they desired for themselves, a love that stood the test of time and indeed grew stronger as each day became a new one. It was a love which overcame sorrow, tragedy, disappointment and fear. A love that could only be extinguished by a terrible disease proving to be too strong to overcome. Even the last breath of one could not kill the love,it remains inside the one who lives on. That is the pure magic of true love.
ISBN: 9781785102981
Type: Paperback
Pages: 219
Published: 18 November 2014
Price: $12.65

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