The Life of a Saxon Knight

The Roman Legions had left Britain’s shores in 410 AD, leaving behind a much better country than the one they had conquered 465 years before. The legendary King Arthur’s reign was over, and the tribes from Northern Europe had arrived to fill the void, including Saxons, Jutes and Angles. This story tells of the descendents of those settlers; the year is circa 900, the period which Norse Invaders from Denmark and Norway, known as the Vikings arrive with the intention of conquering Britain and Ireland. Elweard is a boy with Saxon blood coursing through his veins, who’s only dream is to become a Knight of the Realm and fight for his King and Country which he has sworn to defend to the death. These are the many stories of his fifty years of life, his wife and children, his relatives, his fellow Knights. The wars fought against the Vikings, and the Serfs under his care. What was life really like in England in those times?
ISBN: 9781785102417
Type: Paperback
Pages: 404
Published: 5 November 2014
Price: $14.45

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