The Invisible Avenger

Jim was a normal, average type of guy with a loving wife, two children and a mortgage. He looks in the mirror one day and cannot see himself; he had become invisible to others.Not being the type of person to lay down and cry or feel sorry for himself, he decides to look for new opportunities to improve his life. He vows to use his new powers for doing good deeds, and helping unfortunate people who were victims of unscrupulous criminals.Already possessing a strong aversion to criminals of all kinds, he abhors mostly the ones who target children and poor people; he hates injustice of any description.Already wealthy from his previous exploits and success as ‘A Fly on the Wall’ against drug dealers with his old friend and partner Henry, the Investment Banker, Jim now teams up with an ex policeman to bring to justice a crooked copper, a civil servant who accepts bribes, an M P who sells secrets, a gang who smuggle illegal immigrants, and councilors who have stolen tens of millions of council taxes and committed a murder. He fights criminals who invade his property in Spain, brings down the kidnappers of young people before they can be sold into slavery and rescues his Banker friend’s children from a gang of kidnappers. It would have been impossible to solve any of these crimes without the talents and expertise of the Invisible Avenger.
ISBN: 9781785103285
Type: Paperback
Pages: 239
Published: 25 November 2014
Price: $12.65

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