Free Fall

Free Fall is a murder mystery, set in the heart of Brisbane's iconic Southbank Gardens. Amy Crawford lives in a luxury apartment overlooking the riverside playground, has a job she loves and is looking forward to the future with her partner Tony Cattaneo, owner of Spirals Restaurant. Her world falls apart at the sudden death of Fraser Ballantyne, a close friend who offered support when her husband Simon walked out on her. The police call it murder and Amy finds herself number one on the list of suspects. Secrets from the past are revealed and when Fraser is accused of bribery and fraud, Amy wonders if she really knew him at all. Fraser's family turn against her, and her friendship with Fraser's nephew Charles is threatened when Amy is named as chief benefactor in Fraser's will. Detective Debra Freeman gathers the evidence and it is clear that Amy Crawford had both motive and opportunity to kill the man she called her closest friend. Yet the pieces of the puzzle don't quite fit together and as the investigation continues, Debra begins to fear for Amy's life. There is much more going on behind the scenes than Amy knows. She may be the next target. Threats are made to Amy that if she doesn't settle Fraser's debts, she will go the same way he did. This culminates in the burning down of Spirals, on a night Tony would normally be there, making Amy realise how real the threats are. In a final desperate scene, she is forced to fight for her life against Charles, who killed his uncle in the belief he would inherit the fortune and be able to pay off his debts to an underground loan shark.
ISBN: 9781788763592
Type: Paperback
Pages: 306
Published: 6 June 2018
Price: $12.95

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