Ulterior Designs

Marion Fenwick fulfils her career ambitions when she lands the dream job of Interior Designer with Brisbane’s iconic Bespoke Studio. She is made welcome by some staff members but warned off by others when the boss, Jacob Camargo, shows romantic interest in her. Life becomes complicated when Jacob’s best friend Conor O’Malley also decides Marion is the woman for him, and their friendship implodes. Only two weeks into her new job, Marion arrives at the studio to see police tapes across the front door. A man lies dead in on the workshop floor and it soon becomes apparent to Detective Sergeant Theo Winston that this was no industrial accident. His investigation uncovers secrets and lies that must be explored before the truth can be revealed, and before the murderer strikes again. Ulterior Designs delves below the surface to find what hides beneath the glossy façade of a chic city business.
ISBN: 9781839451010
Type: Paperback
Pages: 308
Published: 5 December 2019
Price: $12.95

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