The Forgotten Woman

Frances O'Malley is delighted when she wins the job as Manager of the Gerygone branch of Harrington Real Estate. It's not before time – she's been overlooked for promotion in the past – but she wonders if she only got the job because no one else was silly enough to take it on. The town is still reeling after the actions of the previous manager, who tried arson, blackmail and assault to get the results he wanted. Frances is stunned when the niece of the man she had a brief holiday romance with as a teenager, ends up in the same town. It wouldn't be so bad if Carol didn't look so much like her Uncle Hamish, and didn't bring back the memories of what happened all those years ago when Frances was only eighteen. Frances gave birth to a baby girl, Ruby, who was taken from her against her wishes, and adopted out. She's kept the truth a secret for nearly twenty years, not even telling her brother Daniel, but when Hamish arrives in Gerygone, she can no longer contain her pain and anger. Hamish's betrayal of her has left her wary of other men and when Colin Salter shows his interest and affection for her, she sends him on his way. That becomes difficult when she is attacked by a sexual predator and needs Colin's protection – he's the local copper, so she can't avoid him. While all this is going on, Hamish decides he wants to get back with Frances and together they will find Ruby. Frances is aghast – despite her deep love for Ruby, she does not want to drag her away from the family she calls her own and whom she loves. It would be too cruel. Not only that, but Hamish has a wife and two children of his own and Frances urges him to return to them. In the meantime, Frances is succeeding beyond her expectations as manager of the agency. In fact, she's done so well the owner decides it's time she moved on, so he can place his son Malcolm in the job. Frances is stunned, and has a fight on her hands not only for her personal happiness, but for her professional standing and future as well. Frances must learn who her allies are and who she can trust. Along the way, she rebuilds bridges of love to her estranged family and is finally able to give and accept love from a man who loves her.
ISBN: 9781788760737
Type: Paperback
Pages: 294
Published: 20 October 2017
Price: $12.95

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