The Wardrobe

Maree and Rodney Pickett have been married for almost twenty years and have two teenage daughters, Kara and Fleur. On the surface, they are the epitome of the happy family, but behind the scenes things are not so rosy. Mareeā€™s fiery temper and her growing dependence on alcohol are becoming cause for concern for both Rodney and elder daughter, Kara. Kara witnesses a confrontation between Maree and Rodney that has a devastating outcome. It leaves the family in turmoil and shatters the relationship between mother and daughter. As time goes on, the wounds begin to heal but in a moment of conflict, buried resentments rise to the surface and Kara makes an accusation against Maree that breaks her heart. Maree believes she has lost Kara forever and can see no way back unless she reveals the secret she has kept for over a decade. Will telling the secret enable Kara to forgive Maree for what she did on that tragic night three years ago? Or will it only bring more heartache to them both?
ISBN: 9781803023670
Type: Paperback
Pages: 302
Published: 3 February 2022
Price: $12.95

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