The Way Home

'The Way Home' is a story of love, friendship and jealously as the lives of three women are thrown into chaos when events and people from the past threaten their happiness. Monica Masters is happily married to chef Michael and her HR consultancy is thriving, despite her father's lack of support and constant undermining of her achievements; Cassie Waters is struggling to cope with the breakup of her relationship with lover Joshua and her onging search for the father she never knew; Cassie's mother Angel is ruing the past choices she made for herself and her daughter. When Cassie's childhood friend Troy goes into hiding after being set up on an internet scam, she heads to Dorrigo to find him. Meanwhile, Monica is shocked to learn Michael had a brief fling with Troy's mother Shona and suspects he may be Troy's unnamed father. In seeking the truth from Shona, Michael is seriously injured in a fall and Monica fears for his life. As the mystery of Troy's disappearance deepens, Joshua offers to help Cassie find him and her feelings for him are reignited, however his jealousy of Troy causes tension between them. After days of fruitless searching, Troy is located by police and claims it was Joshua who set up the web scam to destroy his reputation, threatening to harm Shona if Troy revealed his identity. As Michael recovers, Shona discloses information that proves Michael cannot be Troy's father, whilst her own father finally acknowledges her professional achievements. Cassie's search for her father comes to a poignant end when she learns of his work as an environmentalist before his accidental death and Angel reuinites with the lover she left behind more than a decade ago. Each woman finds her way home.
ISBN: 9781786107213
Type: Paperback
Pages: 326
Published: 10 February 2016
Price: $12.95

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