A Chance would be a Fine Thing

For William Knox, a professional soldier serving in the British Army at the time war breaks out in 1914, life just got a little bit worse. He’d been very young when he realised that perhaps someone made a mistake and he was in the wrong body. However, it was the 1890s and one had no choice but to live out life with what one had. He made the best of it, struggling through his time at Rugby School in the Midlands, and then joined the army. Trench warfare is a place to consider God, or the apparent lack of one. Cut off after a daring operation that was entirely successful, William hides from the advancing German army. Disguising himself as a local peasant woman, Sabine is born, and together with a lost child and other waifs, he attempts to get back to the Allied side of the lines. Hailed a hero, he is sent, with other experienced servicemen, to America to assist them to prepare for war. There he meets a very different girl, and life starts to get better. This is book one of a series of three.
ISBN: 9781782992615
Type: Paperback
Pages: 427
Published: 25 March 2013
Price: $14.45

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