Russell Drysdale: ...a fifteen-year old boy at a British Boys Public (private) School. The only son of a wealthy industrialist, who died when the boy was eight, and a scheming and greedy mother. However, the man has left his millions to the boy in a trust fund, and he can’t touch it until he is twenty-one. Brigette Drysdale, the attractive yet bitter French born mother, who seeks to separate her son from the trust by fair means or foul. Monksreach Hall: ... the archaic institution that encourages bullying as a means of discipline, and in which Russell is totally miserable. The surprise: ... The morning he wakes up to find he is a girl. Suddenly, life in an all boys’ school is even less attractive, and using the name Emma, the girl runs away, into a whole new world. More than capable, Emma thwarts her mother, her mother's vicious boyfriend and the police, managing to show the world that some girls are the next best thing to angels, and even angels get to be naughty sometimes.
ISBN: 9781908895363
Type: Paperback
Pages: 249
Published: 18 January 2012
Price: $12.65

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