In Plain Sight

As disgraced ex-army officer Robert Carlisle faces a firing squad in Vietnam for an alleged burglary to an African republic’s legation, he looks back at why. Discharged for wilful disobedience to a fickle British government decision, he was recruited by a secretive, multinational corporation with a stake in the deposed president of that republic. Robert learns that diamonds he had saved from the rebels were retaken, so plans to purchase arms from the Vietnamese was already initiated. His task was to recover the gems, but although he succeeded, he was caught after secreting the gems… in plain sight. Due to be executed shortly, how was he to recover them for a second time, particularly as he as a face that is so well known, he’d never get within miles of the location? A cunning plan is mounted, and we meet an extra-ordinary young woman called Julianna. Just what is her connection to Robert?
ISBN: 9781908481269
Type: Paperback
Pages: 240
Published: 18 January 2012
Price: $12.65

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