Whispers in the Mind

Mike Dunwoody is a small-town cop, nearing the end of his service in New Mexico. Having moved out of the city to give his kids a chance; he’s now looking forward to a long retirement now they’ve grown. One evening, whilst waiting for two local miscreants, he sees something odd in the desert and goes to investigate. In a flash flood, he sees what he believes is a child, being swept off to certain death by the turbulent water. He risks his life to save the child, but as he reaches dry land, he discovers that it is not a child, and not even human. Years of a general lack of care for his body, his heart suffers a potentially fatal attack, so his sacrifice leaves the captain of the alien ship with a quandary. Mike’s body is beyond repair, but the captain decides to revive Mike, but so as not to risk certain exposure; the cloned body is modified, so the new Mike will not be able to tell of the experience. Mike wakes up as Michelle; and Michelle is a lot more efficient than most girls; once she gets used to being a girl.
ISBN: 9781908895394
Type: Paperback
Pages: 234
Published: 18 January 2012
Price: $12.65

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