Shit Happens - so do Miracles

Martin Collins was the youngest of five brothers, but no sisters. His mother always wanted a girl and, although slightly disappointed, treated him no differently to the other boys. However Martin always realised that things weren’t quite right. When playing with some girls his own age; he made the discovery that was to change his life. He was in the wrong body! Childhood was to prove a depressing and miserable time. He made the most of things, pushing his inner feelings down into the dark recess of his mind. A high point was when he was required to play the part of a girl in the school play. For the briefest of moments, Martin finds out who he really is. It doesn’t last, so the poor boy is left feeling a stranger in a strange land. Then, on moving schools, and when he least expected it, things started to change; gradually at first, but then, one day, IT happened. Martina rises like a Phoenix from the fire, finding that life can be better. Miracles are few and far between, but for Martina, her life went from bad to brilliant. Join her as she ventures in a new and exciting world.
ISBN: 9781781769324
Type: Paperback
Pages: 447
Published: 16 November 2012
Price: $14.45

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