Twisted Dreams

Alexander Lake, at sixteen, is the only son of a London-born criminal, Jon Lake. Having had a tough life, as his mother left Jon and their son several years previously. Hurt by his mother abandoning him at a young age, Alex was then shocked at news of her death in a mysterious accident, in which she and her new man died. Now often left at home as his father goes about his business, about which Alex doesn't ask, as then he will be told no lies. He has a secret, as he lives in a fantasy word of the internet chat rooms where he can be Sandi, the vivacious, sexy and pretty girl of his dreams. Jon’s past catches up with him, so Alex is forced to become Sandi to escape the gangsters who are after his Dad. The problem is that Sandi is a lot more than a disguise, as the girl is here to stay. Needless to say, the disguise caused some concerns when Sandi replaces Alex at school, but that is only the start of the problems. Just when she thinks she has it all sorted, her body has one more surprise for her....
ISBN: 9781908895370
Type: Paperback
Pages: 246
Published: 18 January 2012
Price: $12.65

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