Killing Me Slowly

You have to be tough to be a Royal Marine Commando. Corporal Mike Morrison was one of the best. Only just twenty-four, and most recently a qualified Sniper, having come top of his course. His aim; to be accepted for the Special Boat Section (SBS), the Royal Navy’s equivalent to the SAS. He did not expect to get sick. He thought he could man-up and get through. Finally admitting defeat, he reported sick. The doctors could find nothing wrong. Then he collapsed and almost died. One by one, his vital organs began to shut down, and yet the doctors were completely baffled. They had no idea why Mike’s own body was killing him. They discovered that he was allergic to testosterone. Mike was in a coma, so it was up to his father to make a decision on behalf of his son. Recalling just two incidents in his son’s past, he made the decision. He hoped it was the right one. When Mike awoke, he was still not out of danger, but now he had a chance. The only difficulty was Mike was not Mike any more. Mike was now Mikayla and faced a very different set of challenges.
ISBN: 9781784074890
Type: Paperback
Pages: 287
Published: 10 March 2014
Price: $12.95

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