A Wedding and Two Wars

Join the Rev. Gerald Davidson as he eagerly follows the exploits of William Knox, (Brigadier - retired. Born 1888, died December 1964) as laid out in his journals. The journals that were located in a secret cupboard by the enigmatic Kerry-Anne Phillips - the American woman who claims to be the reincarnated William Knox. Book 2 of his journals covers from where Book 1 left off, in London in 1917. We follow the pair through the war and into peace-time. Now at somewhat of a loose-end, William finds himself drawn into the world of diplomacy and spies; first in the USA in the early twenties and then into a Germany as the Nazis begin to rise from the ashes of war and recession. War is the inevitable, but avoidable result, and William is pitched in, along with his wife and son. This time, banking on his previous experience in espionage and spying, William finds himself once more working with spies, but this time as one of these who selects, trains and sends them out. Among those he meets are Louisa Anderson and Shona Salmon. Two girls with different pasts and one secret in common – both started life as boys.
ISBN: 9781782993803
Type: Paperback
Pages: 215
Published: 30 April 2013
Price: $12.65

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