An introduction to six moves

An introduction to six moves. This particular story was created years ago the idea came to me many years ago through my own personal encounters as a teenager. the book is a nice peaceful story, the character are the same Benjamin and Lucy, the story it self has some very light action in it. I love action, its a class A story and the best part is the double cross. I will not say anything more about that subject. The manuscript took me a few months to complete and a further four weeks writing it up. With good ideas combined with quick thinking and hard work. The general idea was that Benjamin has beaten his final opponent in six moves. While looking for a microdot it is total fiction right from the start. all the action in this story is verbal no movement.
ISBN: 9781803029474
Type: Paperback
Pages: 118
Published: 18 October 2023
Price: $10.25

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