state of confusion part 2 INTERFERENCE

this story was written as a action movie style piece of writing it is the second part of my story state of confusion however this story is a little different and is filled with light action Benjamin and lucy the hero and heroin are caught in a trap as lucy is still up to her new tricks as Lucy is the same characters in this story but different attitude as for Benjamin well he is Benjamin. with lots of INTERFENCE by not only the police mafia and dodgy detectives to add to the story and action if you like that sort of thing and then I have added the idea of a dress a special one and of course it becomes a mayor part of the story as Benjamin and Lucy are busy all the way through as the dress really steals some of the scenes only for Benjamin and Lucy to steal the last few scenes at the end of the story their is lots of action so be a wear. I have decided that this particular story is not for the light hearted or children it plays a significant roll in the Benjamin and Lucy collection I hope that you enjoy it.
ISBN: 9781803029290
Type: Paperback
Pages: 118
Published: 19 September 2023
Price: $10.25

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