this partiualr story has my two fravrite charecters in this story benjmain and lucy are busy after re introucing himslef to an old friend lucy who give him some money mking ideas all robberys as she guide him through a phone call benjmains is getting rich not only this benjamin is suffering from schizhopheria and is hesading right in to trouble as the whole thing is a story made up by himslef in a cafe with its customers as his auidence tells them the story of what the experience now is as benjamin loses his mind while trying to fill his time afetr loseing his job only for his mother to be his land lord finally throws him out on the street benjamin not knowing his luck as he finds himslef robbing her volt onky to get caught in th end.
ISBN: 9781803027456
Type: Paperback
Pages: 180
Published: 17 February 2023
Price: $11.95

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