high stillettos the play in two frames of mind

this is a play by bs Bhamra it begins with benjmain on an island and he is running out of time and hiding out lucy on the other side of things has skipped bail to be with benjmain after bribing a few of benjmains old friends to find out where he is we do not know yet as benjmain is on a mad one he is busy partying and and trying not to get noticed trying to stay out of trouble however trouble seems to find him with the in's and the out's of being abroad on holiday that he did not want as benjmain goes through the mind of havi9jng relasionships that he is having with two young girls and students plus a barman benjmain is stuck on his sunbed watching for the return of the lady the return of Lucy.
ISBN: 9781803022932
Type: Paperback
Pages: 88
Published: 21 December 2021
Price: $9.29

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