high stilettos part 4 TRILOGY the directors cut

This is the forth part of the story high stilettos. It is the trilogy. Once again Benjamin is in trouble through the ins and outs of his job and over watching things that nobody else would watch I have created part four so if you like Benjamin you should love this all binded together from the first part to third a roller coaster of events that would blow your mind with each stories telling the tale of murder and escape. IT IS ALL THROUGH THE MIND AS MY FATHER ONCE TOLD ME EACH STORIE WHICH IS FILLED WITH THOUGHTS AND ISSUES THAT WOULD NEED TO BE THOUGHT ABOUT WHEN QUESTIONED. BENJAMIN LOSES HIS MIND BENJMAIN GOES FOR A STORK AND BENJMAIN WITNESS MURDER HOW WILL THE EFFECT OF THESE ACTIONS, THINGS CHANGE BENJAMIANS MIND IF IT IS IN THE MORDERN MIND THE QUAESTION THAT BENJAMINIS ASKING IS IT REAL. WITH A ROLLACOATER OF EXCITMENT THIS IS THE TRILOGY OF BENJMAIN, HIGH STILLETOS.
ISBN: 9781839454196
Type: Paperback
Pages: 374
Published: 27 August 2020
Price: $12.95

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