Escape from the attic the cubical

Hard hitting, teeth gritting from the writer of the boy who made it rain brings you the escape from the attic the cubical it all started with a vison from a distance my mother always called me back when I got close to it. this story was actually written way back in 1996. it started off as an English assignment. my father would often hide the truth it was true there was something at the bottom of the garden it was a vison that I had. it ws only when my father told me not to play there the bad dreams started with all of the stress my mother and father sent me away. i am not sure what period that the story was actually based in i have a few ideas from the future and going back in to the past fits the story line perfectly Lucy and Benjamin are in two places at one time.
ISBN: 9781803023854
Type: Paperback
Pages: 144
Published: 17 February 2022
Price: $10.25

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