BACK 2 BACK part 2

THEIS IS THE SECOND PART OF BACK 2 BACK lUCY NAD BENJMAIN ARE REALLY BUSY AS THEY MET AGAIN AFTER A SHORT SPLIT LUCY HAS GOT BENJMAIN IN TO TROUBLE MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW AFTER A LONG RIDE TO HIS FATHERS LODGE HE IS FORCED IN TO AN ADVENTURE THAT IS CAUSED BY lUCY WHO HE NEVER THOUGHT HE WOULD SEE AGAIN SO SOON AS THE BAD GUYS WNAT THE MICROCHIP WHICH NEOTHER OF THEM HAVE ARE SENT ALL THE WAY BACK IN TIME AND FORWARDS IN TO THE PAST AS THEY HAVE TO LOCATE IT. it is harder than they think with the worst kind of aliens in their universe and being watched by space beings. after long drives and lots of running and action Lucy and Benjamin are both fighting for their lives figuring out that they are being conned and after Benjamin's home both of them in different times had been destroyed leaving Benjamin with no place to go it is an opportunity to kick Benjamin is figuring out where the microchip and code only to find that it is in two parts one hidden in Lucy and the other supposedly TO BE HIDDEN ONLY ONCE THEY ARE BROUGHT TOGETHER LUCY AND BENJAMIN WILL BE ABLE TO BY BACK THERE FREEDOM.
ISBN: 9781839452673
Type: Paperback
Pages: 162
Published: 2 April 2020
Price: $11.95

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