SPIRIT FIVE Transfusion

SPIRIT FIVE, This is a high hitting roller coaster of a ride its the read of my life action almost all the way through with lots of bumps all the way through. the robot is back he had changed his name and benjmain and Lucy are doing well as for the hitman and the oxygen well there still trying to figure thinks out not cure weather Benjamin is a true child of god a peace maker. other than that Lucy is playing it cool and with the sunflowers to keep them all busy and in good moods there target on the [planet earth is being protect and is on the run not just from one authority but all three of them space, earth and cyber police. will benjmain get him first or will the cyber police the hitman and the oxygen do enough to persude Benjamin to leave the victim to them.
ISBN: 9781803022475
Type: Paperback
Pages: 118
Published: 28 November 2021
Price: $9.43

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