Stokelacey the Chess master Volume 2

Now an undercover independant intermediary working on behalf of the British Government. Theodore Garsington, Earl of Stokelacey is more often than not to be found in Europe where his adventures take him into the midst of the French Revolution. Whereas at home his philanthropic endeavors lead him to embark on opening foster homes for orphaned children.In books two and three of the series 'Opening Gambit and Checkmate,' and 'Manipulating the Pawns,' The Chess master meets up with an old adversary the Count de Argon, and finds himself facing execution as an enemy of France at the hands of the guillotine, with no way out. It is also during this period of his life, with the demise of his mother he finds himself lonely and one night decides it is time to take a wife. Stokelacey also befriends and becomes mentor to a young Oxford student who has gone off the rails after the death of his father twenty one year old Rodrick Flieshman, Duke of Avonbridge. There is no end to Stokelacey's exploits.
ISBN: 9781803028040
Type: Paperback
Pages: 412
Published: 9 June 2023
Price: $14.45

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