The Summer that Never Happened

To the Hayworth family Emma Hobbs was one of their son Jimmy's waif and strays. She appeared one sunny Sunday afternoon in April wearing funny clothes as Jimmy described her to Doctor Robert Astley. The doctor had also been befriended by the Hayworth's during the harsh January of that year. All was not as it seemed, as Emma did not belong in Victorian England. She found herself there after resting beside the canal one afternoon, and falling asleep found herself in the twentieth century when she awoke. The twentieth century was far behind or before her! A hundred years to be precise, and the family who took her to their hearts were in fact her great-great grandparents. The family go through many happy times and many crisis during the six months of that summer. Emotions run high, especially when Emma and Robert found themselves caught up in the London riots, and Jimmy almost drowns in the canal. During this roller coaster Emma and Robert fall in love. What would Emma do, she couldn't marry a man from another century or could she? The problem appears to be resolved when Robert unexpectedly walks out of Emma's life one sunday, and she finds herself back in the 1990s. Would she ever see him again?....
ISBN: 9781788764742
Type: Paperback
Pages: 334
Published: 28 October 2021
Price: $12.95

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