The Astley Journals

"It's here! It's all here," Lizzie Gibson said with tears in her eyes, as she looked around at the packing cases in the loft at Chale Manor. "Her whole life is here in these boxes." She exclaimed. It was about two months ago on the occasion of Lizzie's parents, Robert and Emma Gibson's Silver Wedding anniversary that the Australian contingent arrived. Doctor Samuel Seaton and his sister Hannah. Sam was joining Jimmy, Lizzie's twin brother as a partner in his medical practice. During Robert and Emma's celebration dinner that evening Sam revealed he was heir to the Astley estate in Oxfordshire, and Lizzie told them that her father was an Astley. William Robert Astley-Gibson the current Earl's cousin. Therefore, this is where their journey back in time began, in search of Lady Margaret Astley. Lizzie, Hannah, and Jo (the Earl's wife,) were searching Lady Margaret's belongings which had been stored in the loft since her death in the mid-1960's when Lizzie found her great-grandmother's journals. The journals revealed much of Lady Margaret's life, from her engagement to Frederick Warfield, his supposed murder and Margaret's time in prison awaiting trial for Frederick's murder. They followed her life during WWI where she served as a nurse on the front line and her role in espionage in Belgium. Margaret's life after the Great War was just as adventurous and included another two murders and three attempted murders. Was Margaret charged with these crimes, and would she find love or live the rest of her life as a spinster. Oh! and what about the Scaryton? This book is the sequel to 'The Summer that never happened.' by J M Beesley.
ISBN: 9781839450945
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 276
Published: 23 December 2019
Price: $19.45

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